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Welcome to The Official Site Of Shawna Cole

Shawna Cole began her singing career early in life,honing her skills in Odessa Texas,and now is on the quest to hit the music industry with the passion that she never lost as a child,at times taking on a bit much with all the projects that keeps her on her toes as she persues her quest to be the new queen of this side of the Mississippi,all the while leaving smiles in her wake.

Currently Shawna Cole is performing all over Houston and area as well as the Louisianna Casino bi-weekly tour.

she also hosts one of the friendliest karaoke gigs around the Laporte / Clearlake area.

Another project that she is hitting very hard is an original up coming CD realease of country music as her show and kararoke gigs reflect her influences of rock,Country ,pop,and disco proving that her versatiliy and stage presence is second to very few.The passion second to none insuring that her new release will reflect the same.

{This site is currently under construction ,but as the next weeks go by you will learn more on what Shawna Cole is about and what she is doing as well as her Schedule ad contact info.

Please bear with us

Thank you}